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We’ve been triumphing
all these 11 years.

VIRTUAL Albania® is an Information Technology Company founded in 2009 in Albania. Our company delivers comprehensive Web services ranging from custom website design to development of complex enterprise Web applications. We base our offerings — selected from a suite of dependable solutions — on an understanding of clients’ business requirements.
We combine business domain knowledge with technology competence and proven methodologies to deliver high-quality, cost-effective results to maximize clients’ competitive advantage and productivity.
We are one of the biggest company in Albania that is supporting International Companies with Outsourcing Services and Tasks. We have more than six years of experience that offer Outsourcing Services to our partners around the world, from the USA to Italy and Albania.

Deliver Maximum Value
At VIRTUAL, we are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients to help them succeed in a continually changing and challenging business world. Our primary corporate benefits stem from understanding that our success is tied to the success of our clients.
Understand Clients' Needs
We carefully study each customer case to understand the client’s needs and objectives and deliver a reliable and efficient solution. We present all available options and provide competent advice to guide clients to informed business decisions.
Partner with Clients
We are committed to becoming our clients' long-term, trusted partner. Our priority is not only providing professional services and solutions but becoming the right technology partner, dedicated to meeting client needs today and supporting clients' growing business needs tomorrow.
Earn Clients' Trust & Confidence
We aim to earn customers' trust and confidence through personal attitude, passion for what we do and commitment to a long-lasting relationship. We will go the extra mile to deliver measurable business value and help clients adapt and succeed on the Internet.

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