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How to Develop a System with us?
If you are a CEO, administrator or manager for an operating company and you have faced any problem in the company, or you have any plan to invest in technology's projects like Information System you can write us now in our contact page.                        
How to Outsource your Operational Tasks to us?
Many business owners and corporations choose this option as a way to save money in company operations, manoeuvre the company into a more competitive position, and to solve workforce issues for more employees with low salary cost and without the cost of hiring, cost of training...
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Through our Partner Portal, we are informing in real-time all our partners and potential future partners for confidential and more in-depth information about our partnership, documents, contracts, prices and dedicated benefits for their business account.
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11Years’ Experience @Virtual World

More About Our Company
VIRTUAL Albania® is an Information Technology Company founded in Albania.
Our company delivers comprehensive Web services ranging from custom website design to development of complex enterprise Web applications.
We are one of the most prominent company in Albania that is supporting International Companies with Outsourcing Services and Tasks. We have more than six years of experience that offer Outsourcing Services to our partners around the world, from the USA to Italy and Albania.

Operational Services
that you can Outsource to us.

Operational Tasks
Back office process outsourcing is proven to reduce costs of business processes by assigning the costly jobs of office operations, recruitment, training, and provisions for staff to an outsourcing partner.
Data Entry & Analysis
Working with too much data is time consuming, repetitive and has a high cost also.
It makes perfect sense to build a partnership with us, and we will do the job for you. In this way, you will save half of your budget.
Content Management
Businesses have an extreme need for web content creation, collection, monitoring or management. The information that you display on the Internet is what attracts consumers, and hopefully, it's what turns them into loyal customers.
Systems Testing
It is not an easy thing to test the system – without special skills. VIRTUAL is a firm believer that if you outsource software testing services for an unbiased assessment, then your business is doomed to thrive.

We are obtaining further information by making contact with our experienced staffs.

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